OH+ Futon

OH+ Hathairat aka OH+FUTON is a Thai artist born in Bangkok. Since she graduated from Silpakorn Art University Bangkok OH+ set out to become an influencial person in the fields of design, film, music, writing and painting.

Among her work are projects for Fendi and OK magazine as well as collaborations with Absolut Vodka, FCUK, Roxy and Herbal Essences Shampoo. Her bi-weekly columns for the Thairath online newspaper and LIPS Magazine, where she combined drawings with personal short stories led to the publication of her books “Travelogue By OH+” and “วาดหลายเที่ยว Travels with OH+”.
She has held exhibitions in Thailand and in Germany.
As a member of the band “Futon” she played concerts in Europe, China, Southeast-Asia and Japan. She also published one solo album.
Currently living in Leipzig (Germany) and Bangkok, OH+ continues to explore new unique ways of expression in art and design.